The guitar as we know it has asserted itself in the world as an incredibly versatile musical instrument that thanks to its innovative players over the years, has been extended a flexibility far beyond its standard constructions. I found I became very aware of some of the limitations though in my first year at university. I realized at this time so much piano and orchestral music was out of the guitars reach and any attempts to transcribe pieces of this nature had been heavily compromised. This also seems to be the reason why so many of the legendary composers had left the guitar out of their work, due to its inability to create the huge sonorous sounds of a piano or an orchestra. Unfortunately this producing a natural segregation of guitar repertoire to the rest of the world's musical repertoire; a split between guitar music and music, with little common ground in between. The guitar obviously has matured slowly over its existence and only soared in the 20th century with the innovations in electronic technology and the contemporary music that explored it. Still I have felt a void though between guitar music and the rest of the musical world. I have designed a guitar that I feel begins the journey of closing the gap of these limitations.

I employed the talents of the exceptionally skilled and well respected Australian guitar maker Gerard Gilet to construct the instrument I designed. After lengthy discussions regarding the guitar he was not only supportive but also very excited about the new instrument. Colin Bloxom wired the electronics to my design and Frank Grabesa gave the prototype its final striking paint job. The financial side of such a construction was facilitated with a contribution from the Australian Arts Council's Music Board. I currently use the guitar in a large variety of textural ways in my own compositional output. To see the guitar in action check out the Videos page.